The product development process consists of several consecutive phases. In each of these phases knowledge about ergonomics plays an important role. The experience learns that taking an ergonomic viewpoint early on will result in a 'good product design' in a more efficient (and less costly) way. "Good product design' refers here to a product design, that is userfriendly and safe for as many people as possible and in a large variety of different use scenarios. In order to achieve this knowledge about the physical differences between people as well as knowledge - and moreover creativity and 'out of the box thinking' is necessary to predict differences in use behaviour and find the right respond. That is why in every project Erin tries to combine these matters. Following the phases of the product development process this can be for example:


  • Explore and summarize latest relevant literature on human factors and ergonomics

Analysis - research

  • User research; observation of actual product use behaviour in order to find and explain user problems
  • Analysis of ergonomic / anthropometrical aspects of the user population

Synthesis - development

  • Requirement specification regarding human factors, ergonomics and safety
  • Testing productconcepts, functional product mock-ups and first prototypes


  • Evaluation of productdesigns regarding physical and cognitive ergonomic quality


  • User study; evaluation of existing products in real life setting and proposal of product design improvement/optimisation based on the results

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